Science of Attraction and Love


Have you ever wondered what is the reason that we get attracted to the opposite sex? What is behind a relationship between a man and woman? Or what is the reason we find some body totally irresistible and often fantasize about that person in a sexually inclined manner? Why is that we are swept off our feet at the sight or thought of someone and long to be with him/her whenever we are free?

To understand the answer to all these questions we need to understand the Science of love. Following are the two main theories that govern the science of love , attraction or attachment.

Evolutionary Need

It can be considered to be the central factor that attracts the potential mate to a creature in the nature. The same is true for human beings as well. As the evolution theory goes, if a creature mates with a weaker mate, the off-springs are also weak and may not be able to survive against this harsh nature.

This might at some point of time lead to the total extinction of the species from earth. In order to avoid this, it is natural that we try to attract and also get attracted to a stronger, healthier and attractive mate so that there is no problem in the continuity of our heritage.

Though this theory might not play in our mind in our real lives but it is actually what the science of evolution tells us and it does explain to a good extent the laws of attraction and love.

The Role of Hormones

Apart from the evolution theory, this is the basic scientific reason which explains the questions we are trying to answer in this article.

Hormones are a form of chemical compounds in our body which is released at various stages of life and times as per need. The role that they play in influencing our minds and bodies to get attracted to somebody is also pivotal. A famous study defines the first stage of love to be lust, the second as Attraction and third as Attachment. These various stages are influenced by different hormones in our body which is discussed below.

Stage I – Lust

This is the first stage of love, in which we try to get a desirable being of opposite sex and satiate our carnal desires. This stage is mostly related with the sexual fantasies that a human being carries in his/her mind. The sex hormone that influence or cause this stage is testosterone and estrogen in both males and females.

Stage II – Attraction

This is the most beautiful stage when one is said to have “fallen in love”. The person in totally in thoughts of his/her lover and can think of nothing else that person. The hormones that play their role for such a emotional state are the following

  • Dopamine : Dopamine is a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter. When this hormone is triggered, the individual experience the similar pleasurable feeling like that experienced when taking drugs! This brings in a wave of pleasant feelings, additional energy and focus. The need for sleep and taking rest is felt to go down.
  • Adrenaline : The process of falling for some body is characterized by a rush of adrenaline in your blood. This affects your response to stress, increased heart beat and dryness of mouth- indicators of initiation of love.

Stage III – Attachment

This is considered to the last stage of love and very much needed for a successful relationship. Scientists believe that there are two hormones which have a role to invoke this feeling – Oxytocin and Vassopressin.

What Makes You Fall In Love


Romance is an integrated emotion and urge in human life. Human body and psychology is designed to attract members of opposite sex. This intelligent design is the key to human relationships and sexuality which further works as basic element of human continuity on earth through procreation. Usually male and female counterparts feel the buds of romance germinated within at the beginning of adolescence itself.

Sexual maturity has no role in bringing romance on ones minds as people may feel romance much before they attain puberty. Romance is a psychological application imprinted into your brain which is stimulated even in the childhood itself. There are several social and psychological aspects behind a person’s inclinations to fall in love.

Pheromones and Hormones

Most of the species are proved to produce certain pheromones and hormones which attract the opposite sex. Though fewer researches are taken place on human relationships, certain pheromones and hormones are believed to play vital role in attracting people each other and making them fall in relationships. These pheromones are said to be smell-free variants, as recognized by a psychological process not through a biological way.

Oxytocin and vasopressin are the two hormones that promote the emotion of romance in human beings. You might wonder if romance is caused by the presence of hormones and pheromones, then why everybody don’t feel the same feelings with all others. The answer is the right combination. A persona may have developed likeness to certain combination of hormones only. This is the reason you will fall in love with certain people only.

Psychological aspect

Love is a psychological element of human relationships, thus it is very difficult to manipulate one’s psychology to yield romance in his/her mind. There are certain psychological aspects that may possibly make people fall in love. A feeling of similarity is a major psychological facet that sprouts romance. People who interact for longer period or people who are of the same mind set may develop romance within themselves.

According to psychological theories romance can happen in two ways; compassionate love and passionate love. Compassionate romance is originated from mutual understanding, respect and sharing. On the other hand passionate love is based on intense sexual desires, anxiety and affection. Each love or relationship is fueled by any of these psychological reasons.

Physical attraction

Physical attraction is another reason behind romantic relationships. A normal man or woman is designed to get attracted to the opposite sex at the fulfillment of time. But all the men or women do not find each and every counterpart attracted in the same intensity. They feel some more beautiful or sexy while others less.

The reason is again psychological as the likeness of people is formed in the brain according to the aesthetic and sexual images and ideas a persona has created in his/her mind. The concept of beauty differs from people to people. Some may say that slim is sexy, while other may differ in opinion. As the sayings go, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, attractiveness also vary as preferences of people differ.

Social reasons

  • Human beings today live in societies where crystal clear laws are defined regarding the human relationships. Society encourages every adult to live in families where they procreate and grow kids as responsible members of society. A child who reaches the age of puberty sees male female relationships all around and gradually he/she too seeks the company of a counterpart.
  • Society, through life examples and media, fuses the idea of male female relationships into a child and he/she feels an urgency of falling in love within. Society opens more and more chances for girls and boys to interact. This helps them to fall in love easily as things or people most seen become dear to eyes. Today’s family atmosphere plays a great role in making people falling in love.
  • Kids lack parental care as parents may find no time to spare for kids in their busy schedule of life. Thus the only option of receiving care and love is to find out a male/female partner who can substitute all other people. It is a proven fact that less cared kids at home often fall in relationships earlier than others. They satisfy the urge for love in a romantic relationship. This insecurity and unloved feelings often make kids end up with unhealthy relationships too. When the romance is concerned, the social reasons are more visible compared to the psychological or hormonal reasons.

Myths about Love and Romance


Romance with all its charm, fascination and longing for companionship, has its own shares of myths and realities. Each of us may vary with regard to the conceptualized definition of love and romance; but as one of the primeval human emotions; love which in turn gives way to romance or adventure is bound by certain age old myths which despite their oft repeated recurrence have little or no semblance of truth.

  • One of the most common myths about love and romance revolves around its association with marriage; with people being under the notion that marriage makes for the permanence of romance. The twin ideas of romance and marriage should be delinked from one another. While romance or love is an expression of feelings; marriage is one of the forms of social contract which does not necessarily make way for the permanence of romance.
  • True love may lead you to accept your partner just the way he or she actually is. But to say that love or romance is completely blind may turn out to be mythical. In case your partner is endowed with a disagreeable trait, it may not be all that colorful from the point of view of romance and relationship.
  • It is traditionally held that absence short or long proves to be productive from the point of view of romance. But realistically speaking; long absence may prove to be counterproductive for romance, bearing in mind the oft repeated maxim – ‘Out of sight, out of mind’.
  • Another common romantic myth involves the co relation of romance and physical passion. If one goes for a romantic liaison with the only objective of satisfying his physical passions; then he/she is bound to be a failure. Romance may make way for physical passion, but relationship entered into with the sole objective of satisfying lust, is bound to meet with failure.
  • Similarly erroneous is the linking of romance with material happiness. One need not be rich in order to be romantic; or need not be flaunting with an exotically expensive gift to prove your idea of romance. Simple gestures of thankfulness and care may go a long way in highlighting the depth of romance.
  • In keeping with the idea that romance calls for a lot of efforts and time management; one may be extra careful and concerned to unfold the depth of his romantic feelings. But such a conscious display may prove to be falsely attractive. Romance is supposed to be a spontaneous feeling to unfold naturally with time and situations. So one need not put in extra bit of effort in order to prove a point. Trying to prove a point may turn out to be counterproductive.
  • Likewise, the idea of time management with regard to romance is uncalled for. Though it has to develop naturally with the passage of time, one need not wilt under the feeling that it calls for extra bit of time.
  • In keeping with the intensely romantic stunts made use of in films and mushy books; people romancing may come under the mythical impression that romance is best expressed with flowers and couplets praising the brows of beloved. It may also involve the oft repeated expression of the catchy phrases such as ‘I love you‘ and so on. But on the contrary; it is more meaningful when you choose to express your romance through actions based on care and loving thoughtfulness.
  • Expression of romance by way of gifts, flowers, cards and candies has rather become clichéd and commonplace. So try to be unique in your expression of romance by going against the set pattern of clichéd formula.
  • It is imperative that one remains true to one’s nature and perceptions when it comes to the questions of love and romance. Since no two persons are alike, it makes sense to believe in your natural instincts while dealing with the spontaneously aroused feelings of the heart.

Add Trust To Your Relationship

It is hard to add trust into a relationship that is already damaged. But, it is necessary in the most immediate way. Relationships are built on qualities like trust. If the trust in your relationship is week, chances are good that the relationship will suffer in the long run. If you are constantly questioning or worry about your relationship, then you have no trust in your partner. If you trust in them, then you know that they have your best interests at their heart just as you do for them.

To add trust to your relationship, you must first put aside your problems. You must push aside all the times that trust ended up hurting you. Instead, put your trust into your relationship anyway. Even if you are worried that trusting someone will end up hurting you, you still have to give the opportunity to them to prove you wrong. If you are in a relationship where you have given trust and not received trust, then you are in a failing relationship. Unless you commit to trusting each other 100%, you will not succeed in your relationship. And, in the end, if that trust is getting abused and taken advantage of, then, you shouldn’t be in that relationship. If you giveArticle Search, so much your partner give in a relationship.

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Add Trust To Your Relationship

It is hard to add trust into a relationship that is already damaged. But, it is necessary in the most immediate way. Relationships are built on qualities like trust. If the trust in your relationship is week, chances are good that the relationship will suffer in the long run. If you are constantly questioning or worry about your relationship, then you have no trust in your partner. If you trust in them, then you know that they have your best interests at their heart just as you do for them.

To add trust to your relationship, you must first put aside your problems. You must push aside all the times that trust ended up hurting you. Instead, put your trust into your relationship anyway. Even if you are worried that trusting someone will end up hurting you, you still have to give the opportunity to them to prove you wrong. If you are in a relationship where you have given trust and not received trust, then you are in a failing relationship. Unless you commit to trusting each other 100%, you will not succeed in your relationship. And, in the end, if that trust is getting abused and taken advantage of, then, you shouldn’t be in that relationship. If you giveArticle Submission, so much your partner give in a relationship.

AARP Mississippi Joins Petition Drive for Online Dating Sites to Crack Down on Fraud

Jackson, MS – With romance scammers using the Internet to rob Americans of an estimated $81 million per year, AARP’s Fraud Watch Network today called on the online dating industry to institute new safeguards to better protect their users. AARP Mississippi is inviting its members and the general public to become involved in the national campaign by signing an online petition.

Demonstrating the ease with which online dating con artists currently operate, the June/July edition of AARP The Magazine contains the compelling story of one victim who was robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a romance fraud.

Individual scammers and highly organized groups attempt to steal hearts and wallets from online dating site users every day,” said Kelly Cress, Interim State Director of AARP Mississippi. “The sites don’t yet do enough to protect their members from known scammers. Our petition asks the companies to take commonsense steps to help put a stop to the scammers’ abilities to prey on the unsuspecting.”

The Internet Crime Complaint Center reported receiving more than 6,400 complaints with losses totaling $81 million regarding romance scams in just one year, 2013, its most recent annual information. To combat such losses, specific anti-fraud measures the Fraud Watch Network urges the online dating sites to implement include:

Employ algorithms to detect suspicious language patterns used by scammers.

  • Search for fake profiles across multiple dating websites.
  • Issue alerts to any member who has been in contact with someone using a fraudulent profile.
  • Educate members with tips on how to avoid romance scammers.


As part of its current campaign, the AARP Fraud Watch Network has posted tips to advise dating site members how to avoid online scams. One handy tip is: Before you engage with anyone on a dating site, use Google’s “search by image” feature to see if that person’s image shows up in other places using a different name. If an email from a potential suitor seems suspicious, cut and paste it into Google and see if the words pop up on any romance scam sites. Mississippi consumers can learn more for themselves, their friends and family members at the Fraud Watch Network.

# # #


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Relationship quality affects siblings’ mental health, risky behaviors

Latinos are the fastest-growing ethnic minority group in the United States, and most are of Mexican origin, previous research has shown. The Latino culture, more than others, places a high value on the family unit; yet, little research has examined the dynamics of Latino family relationships and how those dynamics affect children’s development. Now, a University of Missouri researcher found sibling relationship quality in adolescence affects Mexican-origin adolescents’ and young adults’ later depressive symptoms and their involvement in risky behaviors, including those with sexual risk.

“Similar to work with European-American and African-American families, we found adolescents with sibling relationships characterized as positive or negative, and we also found a group that we labeled ‘affect-intense’ because siblings in this group experienced moderate levels of intimacy and negativity,” said Sarah Killoren, an assistant professor of human development and family science at MU. “An important difference, however, is that we didn’t find an ‘uninvolved’ group among Mexican-origin siblings in which siblings have low levels of intimacy and low levels of conflict. This may be due to the cultural emphasis Latino families place on family interdependence. Research shows Mexican-origin siblings spend more time with their brothers and sisters than with their parents and their peers during adolescence.”

Killoren and her colleagues used in-home interview data from a multi-year study of 246 Mexican-origin families living in the United States. The researchers studied pairs of siblings in which the siblings ages were around 12 and 15 at the beginning of the study when researchers assessed the siblings’ relationship qualities. The researchers examined how siblings’ relationship qualities in adolescence were related to each sibling’s depressive symptoms, risky behaviors and sexual risk behaviors five and eight years later.

Older siblings who had positive relationships with their younger siblings had the fewest depressive symptoms and engaged in the lowest levels of risky behaviors. Overall, siblings with positive relationships engaged in less risky behaviors, whereas siblings with negative relationships engaged in more risky behaviors. Younger siblings who had a negative relationship with an older, opposite-sex sibling had increased sexual risk behaviors.

“Individuals learn how to interact with others based on the relationships they have with their siblings,” Killoren said. “Siblings who are hostile and negative with one another will use that interaction style with their peers. Most peers won’t respond well to hostility and negativity so these youth may be more likely to hang out with a deviant peer group and, in turn, engage in risky behaviors.”

Killoren said parents also play an important role in socializing their children to value family. Parents should encourage their children to spend time with their brothers and sisters, to be positive role models for their siblings and to take care of each other. By instilling those values, parents can encourage positive sibling relationships that children will want to maintain throughout adulthood, Killoren said.

“The longest-lasting relationships individuals can have are with their siblings,” Killoren said. “It’s important to develop and maintain close relationships in adolescence because they are important throughout the lifespan, especially after siblings lose parents and spouses.”

All of the sibling pairs Killoren studied had two biological parents and other siblings living in the home. Killoren said family relationships are complex, and this research is a first step in understanding intricate family dynamics among Mexican-origin families. Future research should examine sibling relationships in other family types, such as stepfamilies or single-parent homes, she said.

The article, “Profiles of Sibling Relationship Quality: Links to Familism Values and Adjustment,” will be published in the International Journal of Behavioral Development.